Best games on the Origin store

Best games on the Origin store

If you are a fan of good games then you will most likely want to install the Origin store as fast as possible. This features a wide array of great games and interesting titles that you just don’t want to miss at all. With that in mind, here are some of the games that you can find only on the Origin store and which are worth playing.


Battlefield 3 and 4

In fact, there’s also Battlefield Hardline here as well. The idea is that Battlefield is one of the best competitors to COD and one of the most interesting modern shooters. Being able to have an all out war in virtual form is possible here and the game does feature an immense tactical depth. You also get modern weapons, massive maps and a stellar set of game modes that you can enjoy.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

While the former entry in the series can also be found on Steam as well, Catalyst is an exclusive to Origin. If you are a fan of parkour in games and didn’t get enough of that in Dying Light then Origin is a very good platform to install if you want to run Catalyst. Great city, amazing value and outstanding gameplay, all are a part of this great game.

Sims 4

Sims is an Origin exclusive and one of the best selling tittles on the platform as well. Creating and experiencing virtual lives is amazing here and it does bring in front a very interesting value. The game also has quite a lot of DLC packages that help you boost your experience without any problem.


If you want a futuristic action game with shooting, robots and plenty of action then Titanfall is right up your alley. Despite being a large download the game does have a great number of players and it’s just a ton of fun to play.



FIFA is also exclusive to Origin and it does manage to deliver a great set of interesting gameplay options all the time. With stellar multiplayer, interesting career modes and accurate teams, this is one of the best sports games on the market and one that you do want to play if you love football for sure.
Star Wars Battlefront
Created to launch with the new Star Wars movie, Battlefront is also an Origin exclusive and a very fun game as well. It allows you to experience action from the original trilogy and it’s a lot of fun to play as well. It features many game modes and massive maps as well as close quarters maps. The season pass is continually adding in new maps to the table which is great.
As you can see, Origin does have its fair share of great games and exclusives. You should totally consider giving it a shot if you are into gaming because all of these are games and series with amazing gameplay and all of them are fun. There are many other games like Need for Speed, Plants Vs Zombies and Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Unravel and Crysis 3 that can be found only here, so it’s a very good idea to install Origin as there’s a lot of stuff to play here!