Is Origin better than Steam?

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Is Origin better than Steam? Many people are asking this and it’s very hard to answer such a question. Each platform is designed for gamers, but they go with a different approach. Plus, they do have a different age with Steam being a lot older than Origin so comparing them might be unfair to the latter. But which one might be the best to use?


Steam has a more complex interface while Origin is all about the visuals. The idea here is that Origin wants to make the entire gaming experience simpler. However, when it comes to the overall library things are pretty much the same with Steam actually offering a few more options in regards to organizing it. Steam didn’t allow you to hide games until recently but Origin won’t allow you to delete games from your account which means that mistakes won’t be a problem.

Store content

Obviously Steam has an advantage here for being older as a platform. Origin does have quite a lot of games out there and some of them are actually exclusives. That’s what makes the experience here a very good one and you are bound to like the great gameplay options that you can find here. It’s important to note that the store content offered on both platforms is great, although Origin’s is a little better curated and you can find less bad games or titles that don’t work when compared to Steam.


The installers are pretty much similar for both platforms. There’s nothing to set any of the two platforms apart here, which is why you should consider giving both of them a shot if you want good quality and attention to detail.

Free games

Obviously, Origin delivers game for free but unlike Steam that shares free to play titles with in app purchases, Origin actually shares complete games free of charge. That’s a great benefit on Origin’s side and it does show the commitment that EA has to this platform. Many consider it to be a Steam copy created by EA but the reality is that Origin has evolved quite a lot and it manages to deliver stellar gameplay experiences and a lot of fun gaming moments on the fly.

Great ordering system

You can place an order on the fly and that does manage to bring in front great value. Each preorder or order will show a chart with the differences between all games editions on Origin whereas on Steam you have to scroll and read separately.
Yes, it can be hard to choose between Origin and Steam but both of these platforms are great for gamers and they can bring a very good value. That’s what manages to make Origin a worthwhile contender to Steam, the fact that it has good titles, plenty of exclusives and free games to go with it. Sure, the interface might need more work and there are still some things to iron out but there’s a lot of value to be had here and that’s what makes it very interesting in the end.