Title: Adam’s Venture Origins
Publisher: Soedesco
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 5/23/16
Overview: This adventure game features Indiana Jones-style swashbuckling and wickedly clever puzzles in a historical setting. You are Adam Venture, a 1920s’ adventurer searching for rare artifacts. Along with your trusty companion Evelyn, you’ll explore forbidding, ancient ruins in search of treasure and mysterious relics. Your archenemies at Clairvaux aren’t going to allow you to complete your missions so easily. They’ll do anything to stop you. This complete reimagining of the original Adam’s Venture game features breathtaking visuals that push the PS4 to its limits, gameplay improvements, and amazing animation. The gameplay itself rewards you for being clever instead of brawny. The deep, historical story will keep you entertained for hours – plus, Adam’s got a grappling hook now, and grappling hooks rule!

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