Why use the Origin store?

origin store

Origin is a gaming platform created by Electronic arts and its main purpose is to allow customers to purchase games and manage their collection with ease. Origin has an integrated store and it also features a multitude of high quality games as well as plenty of exclusives that you can check out. But why should you use the Origin store, why should you give it a try?

Both old and new games

There’s no denying that people will not be able to afford the newest computers all the time. But even if you have an old computer the Origin platform has got you covered because here you can find some older games to play. Of course, if you like great new games this platform is right up your alley because it features the latest EA games titles.

A variety of genres

No matter if you like casual games, platformers, word games, action or even strategy games, Origin does have it all for you. It features a great attention to detail on each of the titles with a stellar description. You can also manage DLC very easy within the app as well which enables you to download it faster and without a problem.

Fast download speeds

Origin is known for taking complete advantage of the download speed offered by your internet connection. The download speed is very fast and you can download even the larger games like Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefield 4 in less than 30 minutes provided that you have a strong internet connection.

Great downloader

The downloader is integrated in the app, it’s informative and it also lets you choose if you want to download the DLC or not. You can add items in queue and modify the queue as you see fit, so there’s certainly a lot of value to be had with it.

Free games

Origin delivers free games very often. From Battlefield DLCs to casual games or even fully fledged titles like Need for Speed Most Wanted, these are only a few of the many titles that were given away for free on the platform. This does show the commitment delivered by EA.


Steam can be hard to access with all its features at times, but Origin manages to provide a more minimalist approach. Sure some people might want more advanced features but those that want a minimalist look will surely enjoy what Origin has to offer.
There’s a lot to like when it comes to the Origin platform and the fact that it’s updated often only makes things better. From great games to exclusives and a variety of download options, not to mention free offerings, Origin does manage to bring in front some of the best gaming experiences that you always wanted to have. No matter if you are new to the gaming world or you are a veteran, using the Origin store can be a very good idea as there are some nice games to be had here including some exclusives. It’s well worth checking out so just give it a shot and you will not regret it.